at Hamilton High School


     Why AP? AP enables you to:

    • Stand out in college admission
    • Earn college credit
    • Skip introductory college classes
    • Save money on tuition
    • Build college skills and confidence
    • Explore potential majors based on your interests
    • Turn subjects you love into fulfilling career paths
    What’s next? Interested in taking AP? Here are some things you can do:
    • Learn more about AP at exploreap.org 
    • Speak to your counselor or teacher
    • Visit the AP office at your school in C223
    • Talk to classmates who have taken AP
    • Discuss your options with your parents or family


    How does my AP test score turn into college credit? For Arizona schools Click here to go to AZ Transfer.   Always check with your target college to see how your AP test score will transfer as college credit.


    Get the most out of your classes

    You’ll see the benefits of taking an AP class right away. In AP classes, just like in college, you’ll face new challenges and learn new skills in the subjects you care about. All with the support of your classmates and teachers. 

    Get more

    With AP, you get to dig deeper into subjects you love. Your school can choose from more than 30 AP courses in subjects that directly reflect your interests. 

    Get hands-on

    In AP's immersive courses, you get to learn how things really work. Tackle concepts that will stick with you long after the class is through.

    Get involved

    In AP classes, learning means sharing your ideas and expressing yourself. Add your unique perspective—the dialog and debate contributes to the knowledge that everyone shares.

    Get support

    With AP, you get to explore new ideas with your classmates and AP teachers. See and feel what college work is actually like, while receiving the support to help you get there.

    Get to know yourself

    In AP classes, you can set bigger goals for yourself and do things you never thought possible. AP students can really test and push themselves in a familiar setting while gaining confidence, developing good study habits, and enjoying a great learning experience.

    Our School: 

    Hamilton High School offers Advanced Placement classes in various academic areas including English, Social Studies, Math, Science, Foreign Languages, Art and Music. The Advanced Placement (AP) is a cooperative program between secondary schools and colleges/universities. Students take classes using college level materials and have the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned, possibly earning college credit or advanced placement if they meet the exam standards by the specific university.


    Who should take AP classes?

    The requirement is that you should be both “willing and able”. In general, past academic record and standardized test scores along with teacher recommendations are the best indicators of your ability. Each AP class generally requires four to seven hours of outside work each week. Benefits of AP classes are many. AP prepares you for college level work. You may improve your chances of getting an academic scholarship. A qualifying grade on an AP exam can translate into financial savings on some college course credits. You may be able to complete college in a shorter time frame. More than 1400 colleges in the U.S. grant a full year’s credit to students who present satisfactory grades on AP exams. 


    Some of the AP Courses offered at Hamilton:

    AP Seminar
    AP Research
    Art History
    Calculus AB
    Calculus BC
    Chinese Lang. and Culture
    Computer Science A (Java)
    Computer Science Principles
    English Language
    English Literature
    French Language
    German Language
    Government and Politics, US
    Human Geography
    Music Theory
    Physics 1 - Algebra Based
    Physics C Electricity & Magnetism
    Physics C Mechanics
    Spanish Language
    Spanish Literature
    Studio Art 2D (portfolios due)
    Studio Art 3D (portfolios due)
    Studio Art Drawing (portfolios due)
    United States History
    World History






Last Modified on August 18, 2023