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    Mrs. Holly Kain
    This is my 24th year of teaching; my 21st year at Hamilton High School. I was born in Michigan, lived in Kentucky (yes, the Appalachian part) and came to Arizona when I was eleven years old. I attended MCC & graduated from Grand Canyon University: Magna Cum Laude in 1997. In 2006,  I completed my MaEd. in Secondary Curriculum & Instruction from NAU: Summa Cum Laude.
    I am currently the Social Studies Department Chair, a Chandler Online Academy instructor, and serve as a district new teacher mentor.
    Currently, I teach AP Human Geography (9-12 grades) and Am/Az. History (11th grade) and Lift Lab. 
    My husband is also a teacher and we have 2 beautiful daughters, who also attended Chandler Schools and are now starting college.
    I love to travel; it's like an itch that I can't stop scratching....once you start...you can't stop! Traveling opens one's eyes to such a wonderful world of people and experiences.
    I love my job. I am allowed to teach something meaningful, insightful and extremely enjoyable- how could I expect anything more?!