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    Course excerpts:

    The Advanced Placement Human Geography course provides students who seek a rigorous challenge the opportunity to study and learn college-level material in the hopes of earning college credit in geography while still in high school. The key to success for all students is their willingness to hold themselves accountable for difficult, and at times, quite consuming work. The content of this course, and the expectations of the students who take APHG will help students develop critical thinking skills through understanding, analysis and application of the core concepts of geography. Because this is a human geography class, not solely physical geography, students are introduced to a systematic study of the patterns and processes that have shaped human understanding and relations with the earth’s surface and the individuals who inhabit it.

    The 2022 Advanced Placement Examination in AP Human Geography is early MAY: Thrs. May 5th in the morning. 
    It will consist of two sections; one, a multiple choice section that consists of 60 multi-teired multiple choice questions that need to be answered within a 60- minute time frame, and two, a free response section that consists of three questions that must be answered within a 75-minute time frame.

     In order to prepare for the AP exam, this course is divided into 7 units of study: nature and perspectives, population, culture, political organization of space, agricultural land use, industrialization, and urbanization. Info. on each section is found in the course description on AP Central. Students will also receive a copy of this and are required to keep it in their required 3-ring notebook throughout the school year.