Every year AZ-862 hosts a Dining Out. The Dining Out is a formal dinner to which non-military
    guests can be invited. The protocols for these affairs, or “Rules of the Mess,” often reflect
    long-standing traditions within a unit. The Dining Out is recognized as an occasion where 
    ceremony and tradition combine with good fellowship.  It's a great opportunity forparents, friends, and significant others dress up, spend time with their cadet, and experience the camaraderie and esprit de corps that comes from our close-knit team.
    The Cadets and Staff of AZ-862 Cordially Invite You to Attend Our Annual Dining Out

    Friday, 1 November, 5:00 - 8:30 pm

    East Valley Institute of Technology, 1601 West Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85201

    Social Hour - 5:00-5:30

    Dinner Program - 5:30-8:30


    Cadets:  Semi-formal Dress Uniform (Service Dress with white dress shirt, no nametag, no cap)

    Parents/Guests:  Semi-formal dinner attire (coat & tie, dinner dress)

    Military:  Mess Dress (officer/enlisted), Semi-formal Dress (enlisted) or service equivalent  


    Mixed Greens Salad

    Choice of:  Thai Grilled Chicken w/Basil Fried Rice and Vegetables


                     Vegan Plate - Season Vegetable Hash, sautéed in olive oil served over roasted potatoes (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

                     Apple Pie w/Caramel Ice Cream


    Tickets:  Cadets - $25/each, Guests - $30/each  NOTE:  Cadets may bring as many guests as they wish




     This is a cadet-planned, and cadet-run event.  It is a mandatory, graded activity for all cadets, part of which will be their uniform wear/inspection grade for the week.  Cadets are not required to bring guests, but we encourage you to join us and experience the fruits of their hard work and professionalism.  EVIT (Mesa) has an outstanding catering department and the meals are always excellent.

    Lt Col Franklin & MSgt Driver 
    Details also posted on the Corps Calendar


    Grog Procedures & ROE

    When a member of the mess (in this case, a current cadet or AS Instructor) becomes aware of
    another member committing a "Rules of the Mess" infraction or some other egregious lapse
    in etiquette or decorum, he/she is obligated to right the wrong by bringing the infraction to the
    attention of the mess and its governing entities, the President & Vice President of the Mess.  
    Members will address all violations to Mr/Madame Vice, who will decide on the matter and will 
    determine the rehabilitative course of action.  Mr/Madame President will be the arbiter of any
    disagreement when consulted by Mr/Madame Vice.  
    Mr/Madame Vice, with the approval of Mr/Madame President, will at some point during the
    evening, announce his/her intention to hear and judge upon rules infractions and will "open 
    the Grog."  At this point, members who witness infractions may begin the rehabilitative process
    by rising (when the floor is open), facing Mr/Madame Vice, and announcing loudly and clearly:
    "Mr/Madame Vice, Cadet Schmuckenfuss (your name), Banshee (your flight),  point of order".
    The Vice will recognize the member in some manner and ask them to state their point.
    The member must then loudly and clearly describe the rules infraction IN RHYME, and at some
    point during the rhyme, identify the offending member and the suggested punishment (typically
    a trip to the Grog).  If the rhyme is foul or the story a slog, the Vice may very well send the
    teller to the Grog (i.e. make it good).
    The Vice will determine if the infraction is worthy of consideration and may choose any course
    of action he/she sees fit, to include allowing the alleged perpetrator to rebut....or not.  He/she
    may also consult the President at any time.
    Once the Vice (or President) has ruled, the judgment will stand and the offending member will 
    serve penance as directed.  If the punishment is a trip to the Grog, the member will:
    1.  Come to attention
    2.  March in military fashion and in the most direct route (squaring all corners) to the front and
    center of the Vice's table, facing the Grog bowl
    3.  Crisply salute the Grog, then obtain an empty cup/glass and fill it 3/4 full with grog.
    4.  With charged cup of grog in hand, perform an about face, raise the cup in toast and say
    "TO THE MESS!" loudly and clearly.
    5.  Quickly, efficiently, and completely consume the entire contents of the cup without removing
    it from the lips
    6.  Raise the empty cup above thy head and turn it upside down to prove to all present that no
    liquid remains
    7.  Lower the cup, perform an about face and place the empty cup in the appropriate area
    (or receptacle)
    8.  Salute the Grog, perform an about face, then march in military fashion and in the most direct
    route (squaring all corners) to your seat
    NOTE:  if more than one member is sentenced to the Grog simultaneously, all offenders will
    approach the Grog and establish line formation in front of the Vice's table.  The ranking member
    will call all commands: "present arms", "order arms" (will fill cups for each member and hand
    them down the line), "about face", all will shout "To the Mess" in unison, "about face" (after all
    have consumed, tipped their cups above their heads, and returned to attention), assist in 
    disposing of cups, "about face", "dismissed" (all will return to seats)

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