Orienteering"Map Masters" 2016-17

    The orienteering team is a group of cadets that learn how to navigate the land using only a map and a compass.  The team then divides into pairs to test what they have learned against other JROTC units.  The typical competition is a Score "O" event, where they must find specific points designated on a map.  Each team has two hours to find as many points as possible.  Score value for each point is determined by its difficulty.  Therefore, teams are required to plan an optimum sequence to achieve the most points within the time restriction.
    There are typically 6 competitions annually, held at First Water Trailhead in Lost Dutchman State Park, Sophie's Flat Trailhead near Wickenburg, and Spence Creek in Prescott.  Those who place in the top ten teams at any meet are eligible to compete in the state final usually held at the end of February.
    See the corps calendar for upcoming meets!


Last Modified on September 9, 2019