• ap syllabus[AP German Language]

    The Course

    The AP German Language and Culture course is designed to promote proficiency in German and to enable you to explore culture in contemporary and historical contexts. The course:

    • Focuses on communication: You will demonstrate your skills and abilities in the Interpersonal, Interpretive and Presentational modes of communication.
      • In Interpersonal Communication, you engage in conversations, express ideas, and exchange opinions using both spoken and written German
      • In Interpretive Communication, you understand and interpret written and spoken German on a variety of topics
      • In Presentational Communication, you present information and ideas using spoken and written German to an audience
    • Encourages cultural awareness: You will develop an understanding and appreciation of various aspects of the cultures of the German-speaking world including:
      • Cultural Products such as television and film, books, newspapers, music, laws, and institutions
      • Cultural Practices such as customs, traditions, and patterns of interactions
      • Cultural Perspectives such as values, attitudes, and beliefs
    • Incorporates themes: You will study a variety of topics in interesting, meaningful and engaging contexts.
      • Global Challenges
      • Science and Technology
      • Contemporary Life
      • Personal and Public Identities
      • Families and Communities
      • Beauty and Aesthetics

    Instructional content will reflect interests shared by you and your teacher (the arts, current events, literature, sports, and so forth). In addition to textbooks, materials might include websites, podcasts, films, newspapers, magazines, and literature.

    The course helps you develop language skills that can be applied beyond the German course in further German study and everyday life.

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