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    What is Dual Credit? Chandler Gilbert Community College

    Hamilton students have the opportunity to take classes in the World Language Department for dual enrollment credit. While students are enrolled in certain classes at Hamilton they may elect to enroll through Chandler Gilbert Community College and receive college credit. The student would pay the community college tuition and would thus receive high school credit while simultaneously earning college credit that will later transfer to a college or university.  Receiving dual credit is advantageous because you are receiving credit for 2 institutions at the same time and for the fraction of the price it will cost at a university. The courses offered within the World Languages Department that are available are as follows:
    Hamilton Course                                      CGCC Course
    Honors German 3                                GER 101 / GER102
    AP German 4                                       GER 201 / GER 202
    AP German 5                                       GER 225 / GER 226

    The following links will help you explore Dual Enrollment as an option for you. You can get answers to questions about enrollment, tuition payment, admission guidelines, student services, scholarships etc.
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