• Do you want to join Students for Sustainable Schools?
    SSS is always happy to accept new members.
    To join, just attend one of our meetings (Every Tuesday after school, in D221) and we'll get you underway! Members can join at any time of the year - there's no need to wait until the beginning of the year or semester.
    Remember, we're not just a recycling club. We work on paper conservation, water wastage, plastic pollution, energy efficiency, renewable energy, electronic waste, and general environmental education! Check us out at the club fairs (at the beginning of each semester) for more information!
    Can't make it? Have a time conflict?
    If you have a Tuesday time conflict due to sports, outside jobs, or other activities, just let us know! We promise: if you want to contribute, you can!
    We have members who are never available on Tuesdays who still participate and help us accomplish our goals by sending in tasks electronically and working around their schedule. Email us at sss.hamiltonhs@gmail.com if you think you fall into this category, and we can get you started.