• Starter Kit - Create an SSS branch!


    Step 1: Make a Commitment

        1. Review the Students for a Sustainable School National Constitution.

       2. Choose a faculty sponsor/mentor. He/She will be in charge of mentoring the club and monitoring progress. Remember, SSS is designed to be a student-led, results-oriented initiative. Your sponsor should be a mentor, not a boss.

        3. Find a few interested peers.

    Step 2: Complete a Branch Application

    Please send online applications to our headquarters:

    Step 3: Create your branch materials

        1. Create chapter bylaws/constitution, based on the National Constitution. Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QZ8F65cD4cEyZFsdwi51jmyy8tt_WaQFO8rBQNu-3U0/edit?usp=sharing

        2. Contact your SSS regional coordinator for final approval of your constitution.

        3. You now have a branch! Start meeting and making a difference!

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