Flag Football

Unified Flag Football (Coach - Matt Stone)

  • 2021-2022 Flag Football Schedule (all games start at 6pm)

    8/31 vs Queen Creek (at Hamilton)

    9/7 at Chandler

    9/14 at Higley

    9/21 vs Williams Field (at Hamilton)

    10/12 at Casteel

    10/16 Unified Flag Football Tournament (site and time TBD)


    *Practice schedule to be released soon


    The basics of Unified Flag Football

    Players: 5 vs 5 (3 athletes, 2 partners)

    Field: 40 yards plus 10 yard endzones

    Two 20-minute halves

    Play begins on the 5 yard line.  Teams have four downs to cross the 20 (mid-field) where they will pick up a first down.  Teams crossing the 20 have an additional four downs in which to get into the endzone. 

    Partners may throw to athletes or catch a pass from an athlete, however, there are no partner to partner plays.  Athletes may run, throw, or catch any ball regardless of who is playing QB. 

    A touchdown is worth 6 points.  A 1-point conversion is from the 5 yard line.  A 2-point conversion is from the 10 yard line.


    Hamilton Unified Flag Football video (2018-2019)   

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