Daily Announcements

    July 17, 2024



    • For all students, there are some important things we would like to remind you about, so you have a successful year!
      • Attendance is taken at the beginning of every class, so be on time!  You don’t want to be assigned Saturday School for having too many tardies!
      • Your schedule can only be changed if there is a mistake in your schedule.  In order to meet with your counselor, please scan the QR Code next to your counselor’s name.  QR Codes can be found hanging around the school on main bulletin boards.
      • Every student has been assigned a student laptop and charger.  You are required to bring your school laptop and charger every day to every class.  Even though you might have a better laptop from home, please do not bring personal laptops to school as a replacement for your school laptop.
    • Huskies!  Please welcome our new principal, Mr. Romero.  He has been at Hamilton for the past four years as an assistant principal and will be leading Hamilton into an amazing year. 
    • Attention Freshmen – On Friday, August 2nd from 6-8pm will be the Freshmen Splashdown.  The annual Freshmen pool and pizza party at the Hamilton Pool.
    • Seniors – also on Friday, August 2nd will be the annual tradition, Senior Sunrise at 5am, more details will come later.