•  Mr. Welch
    AP Physics 1 


    Live Labs / Live Office Hours are Tuesdays 2:30 - 4:00 at Hamilton High School in room D217


    Room D217 is near the Northern end of the main building, upstairs in the D-Wing.  


    If you are enrolled in the COA version of this course, please enroll in the Google Classroom with class code:  3brvwxe 


     COA classes will be held following the 3rd period Hamilton High School bell schedule.  9:35-11:35 every other day 


    We will be spending the first day of class logging into:

    Office 365

    UT Austin

    Google Classroom


    Albert IO

    My AP Classroom






    You can access the Teams Classroom by logging into your school Office 365 account.  https://www.cusd80.com/office365




    If you are enrolled in the HHS virtual/in person sections, you have been automatically enrolled in Google Classroom.  We will meet for the first time in those virtual classrooms on Thursday, August 6th at the regularly scheduled times.

    Period 2: 5fnuczz   7:25 - 9:30
    Period 4: nbtglxt   9:35 - 11:25
    Period 6: wqhk6iz   12:10 - 2:14

    You can disregard the following instructions, as they are referencing the prior years with first day brick and mortar instruction: 


    We will be using the lab book on the First Day.

    Welcome to APP1.  Three things to do right away:
    1. All AP Physics 1 students must sign up for the University of Texas Online Homework System (UT)
         For UT instructions click here
    2. Required materials to be used immediately are the Lab Book and 4 whiteboard markers (darker colors preferred).
         For a link to the materials page click here
    3. Print out the Sample Lab found here
    The class website is comprehensive and covers all aspects of the course.  Follow the links below for the abbreviated tour of the most important aspects to know right away:
     Tutoring available after school  (Tutoring hours subject to change at start of year)
    M - D217 Welch
    T - D217 Welch
    R - D217 Welch
    Weeks tutoring TBD
    Room D217