•  Mr. Welch
    AP Physics 1 


    We will be using the lab book on the First Day.

    The lab book can be purchased at the Hamilton High School Book Store.  100-page Barbakam Carbon Copy Lab Book $12-$15

    Welcome to APP1.  Three things to do right away:
    1. All AP Physics 1 students must sign up for the University of Texas Online Homework System (UT)
         For UT instructions click here
    2. Required materials to be used immediately are the Lab Book, Lap top computer with Excel, and 4 whiteboard markers (darker colors preferred).
         For a link to the materials page click here
    3. Print out the Sample Lab found here
    The class website is comprehensive and covers all aspects of the course.  Follow the links below for the abbreviated tour of the most important aspects to know right away:
     Tutoring currently available after school 2:15 - 3:30
    M - D217 Welch
    T - D217 Welch
    R - D217 Welch
    Room D217