AP Physics is an honors high school course that colleges will accept as credit for the introductory algebra-based physics course in mechanics.  The course moves at a fast pace and students are expected to be self-motivated.  Because of the high level of rigor for the course, students who earn a grade of C or above are given an extra GPA point for the class.
    Defining characteristics of an honors student are as follows:
    The honors student _____________________________
    1.) Always completes their homework.
    2.) Does not complain about the amount school work because he/she expects a substantial workload both in class and at home.
    3.) Is ready to balance multiple responsibilities.
    4.) Studies for upcoming exams in a meaningful way.
    5.) Makes self-motivated attempts to better understand the subject matter.
    6.) Takes pride in the quality of their work.
    7.) Does not "shoot" for just a passing grade.
    8.) Cleans up after one's self without being asked. 
    9.) Actively participates in class discussion.
    10.) Enjoys being challenged.