• Hamilton Track and Field 2019
    Season Highlights  
    Best wishes to our Husky Track & Field athletes who have signed to continue their athletic careers at the collegiate level!
    Signing Day     KarsenSigning
    Erin Markey - Colorado State-Pueblo
    Preston Asher - University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
    Ankita Puri - University of Chicago
    Maddy York - U.S. Military Academy West Point
    Karsen Burke - Northern Arizona University

     Congratulations to all of our Huskies who reached the podium at the
    2019 AZ State Track & Field Championships!
    Hard work pays off!
    Two-Time State Champion - Boys High Jump
     Malik Whitaker
    Congratulations, Malik, on being the
    2019 AZ State High Jump Champion
    Girls 800m - 2nd Place
    Madison Burciaga 
    Boys 110H Hurdles - 3rd Place
    Karsen Burke
    Boys 100m Dash - 3rd Place
    Brenden Rice
     Brenden 100
    Boys 200m Dash - 3rd Place
    Brenden Rice
     Brenden 200
    Boys Long Jump - 4th Place
    Malik Whitaker
    Girls 4x400m Relay - 2nd Place
    Madison Burciaga, Ankita Puri, Alia Nichols, Haley Cole
    Boys 4x400m Relay - 2nd Place
    Kam Miller, Preston Asher, Xavier Ridgway, Christian Anaya 
    Girls 4x800m Relay - 4th Place
    Madison Burciaga, Ankita Puri, Deirdre Nelsen, Rose Connolly

    to this year's State Qualifiers!
    Lexi Baniszewski – 100m, 200m, 300m hurdles, 4x400 alternate
    Deirdre Nelsen – 1600m, 800m, 4x800
    Madison Burciaga - 400m, 800m, 4x400, 4x800
    Ankita Puri – 400m, 300m hurdles, 4x400, 4x800
    Sophia Warrick – 300m hurdles
    Alia Nichols – Long Jump, 4x400
    Haley Cole - 4x400
    Rose Connolly – 4x800
    Jolie Wahlberg – 4x800 alternate
    Maddy York – Pole Vault
    Katelyn Buerger – Pole Vault
    Madison Scelfo – Pole Vault
    Erin Markey – Pole Vault
    Brenden Rice – 100m, 200m, 4x100
    Kyle Logan – 100m, 200m, 300m hurdles, 4x100, 4x400 alternate
    Kam Miller – 100m, 200m, 4x100, 4x400
    Karsen Burke – 110H hurdles, 300m hurdles
    Ousman Jagne – Long Jump, 4x100
    Ryan Dempsey – 1600m, 3200m
    Gavin Vogt – 1600m
    Cody Butler – 4x800
    Dan Darnell – 800m, 4x800
    Cade Russo – 4x800
    Preston Asher – 400m, 4x400
    Christian Anaya – 400m, 4x400
    Xavier Ridgway – 400m, 4x400
    Andrew Logan – 4x800 alternate
    Malik Whitaker – High Jump, Long Jump
    Justin Fisher – High Jump
    Zach Lewis – Long Jump
    Cayman Wilkes – Pole Vault
    Gavin Parzych – Pole Vault
    Noah Miller – Shot Put, Discus
    Good Luck at State! We are proud of you and we know you will represent Hamilton well!
    Hats off to our athletes who competed in the AIA State Multis Meet
    The meet is a two day meet, and boys compete in ten events and girls compete in seven.
    Marcos LeJander
    Gavin Parzych
    Lexi Baniszewski
    Xai Itale
    Coached by Coach Desilva

     Chandler City Meet
    was a success!
    This meet is always fun because it is three meets wrapped up into one. There are separate competitions for Freshmen, JV, and Varsity. Our Hamilton athletes showed up and made us proud! Congratulations to our medalists:
    Kam Miller - 1st, 100m
    Ryan Dempsey - 1st, 3200m
    Cayman Wilkes - 1st, pole vault
    Madison Burciaga - 1st, 800m
    Deirdre Nelsen - 1st, 1600m
    Brenden Rice - 2nd, 100m
    Karsen Burke - 2nd, 110H hurdles
    Kyle Logan - 2nd, 300 hurdles
    Gavin Parzych - 2nd, pole vault
    Kam Miller - 3rd, 200m
    Noah Miller - 3rd, shot put
    Madison Burciaga - 3rd, 400m
    Ankita Puri, 3rd, 300m hurdles
    Maddy York - 3rd, pole vault
    K. Miller, P. Asher, C. Anaya, J. Gant - 4x400m relay
    Ousman Jagne - 1st, 100m
    Cade Russo - 1st, 800m
    Dylan Ostransky - 1st, 110H hurdles
    Dylan Ostransky - 1st, 300m hurdles
    Xai Itale - 1st, pole vault
    Preston Asher - 1st, long jump
    Alia Nichols - 1st, 200m
    Broklyn Sivley - 1st, 100m hurdles
    Katie Buerger - 1st, pole vault
    Andrew Logan - 2nd, 800m
    Carter Lewis - 2nd, 1600m
    Tyler Negroni - 2nd, 3200m
    James Connolly - 2nd, pole vault
    Brooklyn Sivley - 2nd, 300m hurdles
    Sara Sywarungsymum - 3rd, pole vault
    Hamilton Team - 3rd, 4x400m relay
    Christian Anaya - 1st, 400m
    Tyler Evans - 1st, 1600m
    Tyler Evans - 1st, 3200m
    Tre Tate - 1st, 300m hurdles
    Andrew Pantel - 1st, pole vault
    Shyla Cholowsky - 1st, 100m
    Shyla Cholowsky - 1st, 200m
    Rose Connolly - 1st, 800m
    Rose Connolly - 1st, 3200m
    Mason Merillat - 2nd, 400m
    Gio Casciato - 2nd, 800m
    KJ Minniefield - 2nd, triple jump
    Joel Gant - 3rd, 100m
    Joel Gant - 3rd, 200m
    Joel Gant - 3rd, 400m
    Zach Hooper - 3rd, 800m
    Nicholas LeJander - 3rd, discus
    Tre Tate - 3rd, long jump
    Tre Tate - 3rd, triple jump
    Rujuta Sawe - 3rd, 1600m
    Allison Maslin - 3rd, 3200m
    N. Stanton, M. Merillat, P. Lenon, J. Gant - 3rd, 4x100m relay
    K. Joyce, C. Mathis, M. Bailey, S. Cholowsky - 1st, 4x100m relay

    to Andres Garcia
    for breaking the Hamilton High School Javelin record
    at the Hohokam Invitational on
    Friday, April 12th!
    Nice job, Andres!

    to all of our Huskies who competed at the
    Hohokam Invitational on
    April 12, 2019!
    The following athletes medaled for 1st - 3rd place:
    Malik Whitaker - 1st, High Jump
    Malik Whitaker - 1st, Long Jump
    Madison Burciaga - 1st, 400m
    C. Russo, R. Dempsey, C. Butler, D. Darnell - 1st, 4x800m relay
    Brenden Rice - 2nd, 200m
    Ryan Dempsey - 2nd, 3200m
    K. Miller, K. Logan, O. Jagne, B. Rice - 2nd, 4x100m relay
    M. Burciaga, A. Puri, H. Cole, A. Nichols - 2nd, 4x400m relay
    Nice work as we head into our last couple meets of the season, Huskies!
    Keep it up! 

     What a wonderful weekend of track...
    great weather, two awesome meets, and some awesome performances!
    Congratulations to all of the Husky athletes who competed at 
    Sun Angel Classic
    on April 4th and 6th,
    especially those who medaled for 1st through 3rd place!
     Karsen Burke - 1st, 110H hurdles
    Malik Whitaker - 2nd, high jump
    Malik Whitaker - 2nd, long jump
    Madison Burciaga - 2nd, 800m
    Maddy York - 3rd, pole vault
    Madison Burciaga, Ankita Puri, Alia Nichols, Haley Cole - 3rd, 4x400m relay
    And Congratulations to all of those who brought home medals from
    Richard Thompson South Mountain Classic
    on April 6th as well!
    Cayman Wilkes - 1st, pole vault
    Katie Buerger - 1st, pole vault
    Madison Scelfo - 2nd, pole vault (tie)
    Erin Markey - 2nd, pole vault (tie)
    Gavin Parzych - 2nd, pole vault
    Alexis Baniszewski - 2nd, 200m
    Justin Fisher - 2nd, high jump
    Gavin Vogt - 2nd, 3200m
    KJ Minniefield, Tre Tate, Kaleb Sokolovich, Brady Shough - 2nd, 4x100m relay
    Cade Russo - 3rd, 800m
    Noah Miller - 3rd, shot put
    Noah Miller - 3rd, discus
    Xai Itale - 3rd, pole vault
    Sophia Warrick - 3rd, 300m hurdles
    Lexi Baniszewski, Sophia Warrick, Brook Sivley, Avery Royer - 3rd, 4x400m relay
    We are proud of all who competed! 

    Congratulations to all of the Huskies who competed at
    NIKE Chandler Rotary
    on Saturday, March 23, 2019
    Chandler Rotary is one of the largest invitational track meets in the southwest and this year hosted teams from more than 160 high schools.
    The following athletes made the podium in the Elite events:
    Malik Whitaker - 1st, High Jump (WOW!)
    Karsen Burke - 4th, 110H hurdles
    Karsen Burke, Kam Miller, Kyle Logan, Brenden Rice - 4th, 4x100m relay
    Kam Miller, Preston Asher, Christian Anaya, Kyle Logan - 4th, 4x400m relay
    The following athletes made the podium in the Seeded events:
    Kyle Logan - 3rd, 100m
    Kyle Logan - 5th, 200m
    Zach Lewis - 2nd, Long Jump 
    We have another Red Mountain Rampage 
    under our belts!
    Nice job, Hamilton, at Red Mountain
    on Friday, March 22, 2019
    Congratulations to the following athletes for placing in the Elite meet:
    Xavier Ridgeway - 1st, 400m
    Zach Lewis - 1st, Long Jump
    Erin Markey - 2nd, Pole Vault
    Xavier Ridgeway - 3rd, 200m
    Cody Butler, Ryan Dempsey, Gavin Vogt, Dan Darnell - 2nd, 4x800m relay
    Lorenzo Cole, Xavier Ridgeway, Kaleb Sokolovich, Brady Shough - 3rd, 4x200m relay
    And Congratulations to Jagger Wilkes for taking 1st place in the Seeded section of Pole Vault
    We are rolling!
    was a success for our Huskies!
    March 15-16, 2019
    at University of Arizona
    Roy P. Drachman Stadium
    Thank you to the Husky athletes for making the meet a fun, rewarding experience where new memories and friendships were made. A special thank you to all of the parents who came to Tucson to watch and support our trackletes.
    Congrats, Huskies, on some great performances! We would like to highlight Coach Desilva and the Pole Vault squad for taking 5 of the 6 top spots in the meet. Nice job!
    The following athletes made the podium (1st-3rd):
    Ryan Dempsey - 1st, 3200m
    Maddy York - 1st, Pole Vault
    Cayman Wilkes - 1st, Pole Vault
    Maddy Burciaga, Deirdre Nelsen, Jolie Wahlberg, Ankita Puri - 1st, 4x800m relay
    Gavin Vogt - 2nd, 1600m
    Madison Scelfo - 2nd, Pole Vault
    Katie Berger - 3rd, Pole Vault
    Gavin Parzych - 3rd, Pole Vault
    Madison Burciaga - 3rd, 400m
    Zana Ryan - 3rd, 100m
    Kyle Logan - 3rd, 100m
     Good work, Hamilton! 
    Congratulations to the many Hamilton trackletes who competed at the
    Becky Matthews Freshman/Sophomore and Open Invite!
     Friday, March, 8, 2019
    at Desert Vista High School
    The following athletes placed for medals (1st-3rd):
    Freshman/Sophomore Invite
    Gavin Parzych - 1st, Pole Vault
    Katie Berger - 2nd, Pole Vault
    Ousman Jagne - 2nd, 100m
    Lorenzo Cole - 3rd, 200m
    Ousman Jagne - 3rd, Long Jump
    Zach Lewis, Brady Shough, Ousman Jagne, Xavier Ridgeway - 3rd, 4x100m relay
    Nice job, freshmen and sophomores!
    Thank you to everyone who came to support our Huskies in the chilly weather!

    Congratulations to our
    Hamilton Boys Track & Field team
    for taking 1st Place at
    Brophy AMDG Invitational on 
    March 7, 2019!
    Boys Brophy
    Way to go, boys!

    to Malik Whitaker
    for breaking his own Hamilton High School High Jump record
    at the Brophy AMDG Invitational on
    Thursday, March 7th!
    Nice job, Malik!  

     Thank you to everyone who came out to the

    Brophy AMDG Invitational to support our Huskies!

     A special congrats to the following athletes who medaled (1st-3rd):
    Malik Whitaker - 1st, High Jump (School Record!)
    Dan Darnell - 1st, 800m
    Maddy York - 1st, Pole Vault
    Karsen Burke - 2nd, 110H hurdles
    Karsen Burke - 2nd, 300m hurdles
    Cayman Wilkes - 2nd, Pole Vault
    Karsen Burke, Kam Miller, Kyle Logan, Brenden Rice - 2nd, 4x100m relay
    Kam Miller, Christian Anaya, Xavier Ridgeway, Preston Asher - 2nd, 4x400m relay
    Cody Butler, Andrew Logan, Cade Russo, Dan Darnell - 2nd, 4x400m relay
    Ryan Dempsey - 3rd, 1600m
    Sophia Warrick - 3rd, 100m hurdles
    Ankita Puri - 3rd, 400m
    Madison Burciaga - 3rd, 800m
    Madison Burciaga, Alia Nichols, Alexis Baniszewski, Ankita Puri - 3rd, 4x400m relay

      Congratulations to all of the Huskies who competed at the

    Saunders Montague Invitational 

    at Queen Creek High School 

    on March 1, 2019!

    The following athletes made the awards podium (1st-4th place):

    Karsen Burke - 1st Place, 300m hurdles

    Ryan Dempsey - 2nd, 3200m

    Madison Burciaga - 2nd, 800m

    Madeline York - 2nd, Pole Vault

    Kameron Miller, Karsen Burke, Kyle Logan, Brenden Rice - 2nd, 4x100m relay

    Madison Burciaga, Alia Nichols, Ankita Puri, Lexi Baniszewski - 2nd, 4x400m relay

    Madison Burciaga - 3rd, 400m

    Kameron Miller, Karsen Burke, Christian Anaya, Preston Asher - 3rd, 4x400m relay

    Karsen Burke - 4th, 110H hurdles

    Kameron Miller - 4th, 200m

    Preston Asher - 4th, 400m

    Gavin Vogt - 4th, 1600m

    Deirdre Nelsen - 4th, 1600m

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