***Parents, Grandparents, Friends of Track!***

    Please consider making your tax credit donation to the Hamilton Track & Field program! Arizona allows a tax credit contribution of up to $400 per calendar year for contributions that fund extracurricular activities. Visit cusd80.com/TaxCredit to make your donation today!

    You can also process your donation through the campus portal under InTouch Fee payments. It's so easy!

    1. Log into the Infinite Campus portal here:


    2. Select your student

    3. Select InTouch Fee Payments on the left side

    4. Select your student's name again

    5. Under "Shop" click "Items at Student's School"

    6. Select "Tax Credit Donations"

    7. Scroll down to "Donation Track" and make your contribution!


    THANK YOU in advance for your donation to Hamilton HS Track & Field!

Last Modified on January 18, 2019