Coach Chris Musselman





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    Casteel’s Strength Program provides student-athletes with a basic understanding of body and muscle mechanics, proper lifting form and technique, nutrition, and components of muscle recovery to enhance athletic performance.   Student-athletes, ages 13-18, focus on a foundation of strength training principles that will develop and serve them throughout their lives, in any form of athletic competition, whether they aspire to be high school/collegiate athletes or simply pursue recreational activities.



    • IMPROVE athletes’ strength, speed, and mobility to support peak performance.
    • INCREASE athletes’ overall body strength to enable coordination and mobility.
    • DEVELOP athletes’ durability to reduce risk of injury.
    • IDENTIFY and address athletes’ strength and development deficiencies to develop lean muscle.
    • PROMOTE athletes’ mind development to instill mental focus, tenacity and confidence.
    • ESTABLISH an athletic environment that is both competitive and collaborative to promote community.



    Coach Chris Musselman was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada as a multi-sport athlete, and attended University of Nevada-Reno.  As a successful small business owner in Las Vegas, he and his wife Roseanne raised their family:  Amanda, Nico, Chris, Gabriella and Luke – all athletes in various sports (soccer, basketball, track and volleyball).  After the family moved to Arizona in 2005, Coach Musselman was able to pursue his life’s passion, strength and human performance, when he began working with junior high and high school student-athletes while employed with Athletes in Motion, LLC.  In 2009, he helped to open Poston Butte High School as a Football Coach and Health teacher.  Coach Musselman came to Casteel High School upon its opening in 2015 and developed the strength program for student-athletes.  He continues to stay abreast of current developments in strength and nutrition and is currently continuing his education with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  The philosophies for his program have evolved and developed from 25 years of personal practice and inspired by industry professionals such as Charles Poliquin, a world-renowned strength coach, Olympic athletic trainer and educator; Chad Wesley-Smith, a highly-regarded athlete and strength coach; and Chris Wenning, a Division 1 Strength coach with three world records in power lifting.