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    ACE PLUS (Achieving a College Education) is an early outreach two-year scholarship-based college preparation program for high school students. The mission of this program is to increase the success rate of first generation, under-represented financially dis-advantaged college bound students. ACE PLUS aids the students in their successful completion of high school and assists them with a smooth transition into higher education. Students can earn up to 21 college credits during the course of their junior and senior years. Any sophomores from local high schools may apply. For additional information please email the ACE office.

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      ACE PLUS Eligibility
    • Will it be difficult for your parents to pay for your college education?
    • Are you the first one in your family to attend college?
    • Are you a sophomore at a local high school?
    • Is your high school GPA 2.0 or higher?
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      ACE PLUS Commitment


           Student will:

    • Take 2 classes (6 credits) during their first summer  Semester of their junior year(5 weeks, Monday-Thursday). Take 1 class on Saturdays during the Fall (August-December) and/or Spring ( January-May) Semesters.
    • Take 1 class (3 credits) during their second year covered by the ACE PLUS scholarship.  Any extra credits taken or class fees must be covered by student and/or parents.
    • Arrange their own transportation to and from Chandler-Gilbert Community College.
    • Purchase their own textbooks.
    • Attend a mandatory ACE Student and Parent orientation prior to the beginning of classes with their parents.
    • For specific dates each semester contact the ACE Office at 480-857-5142.​