• Announcements:

    NCAA Initial Eligibility Presentations for 9th-11th graders and 12th graders were presented last semester. A copy of the presentations can be found below.

    4/19/24- The fourth Signing Day will be held April 19th. Please reach out to Ms. Clifford (clifford.randee@cusd80.com) if you are planning to participate.

  • Helpful Hints:

    • The NCAA no longer requires ACT/SAT scores for eligibility, but the NAIA still does. 
    • Language classes taken in Jr. High DO NOT count towards credit for NCAA eligibility in CUSD. Two language classes or other NCAA approved elective classes must be taken in High School to fulfill eligibility requirements.
    • Students must transition their NCAA eligibility account to the Academic and Amateurism Certification Account if they are playing at a D1 or D2 school. They recommend this transition is made Junior year, or Sophomore year if the student is being recruited.
    • Seniors must apply to the college they have been recruited to play at.
    • Beginning April 1st, Seniors will be able to request their Final Amateurism Certification in their NCAA eligibility account. They must request this in order to play at their college. *Early grads will be able to request beginning October 1st.
    • Students attending an NCAA D3 school do not need an NCAA Eligibility Center account.