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    Kraig Leuschner, Athletic Director, 480-424-8122
    Rae Moylan, Athletic Secretary, 480-424-8125 Moylan.Rae@cusd80.com

    Tickets are purchased through GOFAN.COM

    • Student-Athletes must have a cleared sports physical on AKTIVATE. Please visit registermyathlete.com for more information.
    • Ticket information and schedules will be posted when available at AZPreps365.com
    • Please visit CasteelAthletics.com for more information while we are updating this website or contact your respective Head Coaches


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Head Coaches List

Sport Head Coach Email
Athletic Trainer Rebecca Halstead halstead.rebecca@cusd80.com
Athletic Trainer (Head) Katrina Symonds symonds.katrina@cusd80.com
Badminton Anja Hassell hassell.anja@cusd80.com
Baseball Matt Denny denny.matt@cusd80.com
Basketball (Men's) Aaron Windler windler.aaron@cusd80.com
Basketball (Women's) Tylor Wimbish wimbish.tylor@cusd80.com
Cheerleading Ashley Davis davis.ashley@cusd80.com
Cross Country (Men's) Todd Daniels daniels.todd@cusd80.com
Cross Country (Women's) Heather Fitz-Gustafson heatherandcrue@gmail.com
Dive Tom Wright tomwwright@yahoo.com
Flag Football Rae Black black.rae@cusd80.com
Football Bobby Newcombe newcombe.robert@cusd80.com
Golf (Men's) Brett Huston huston.brett@cusd80.com
Golf (Women's) Chris James james.christopher@cusd80.com
Pom Rylee Sammons sammons.rylee@cusd80.com
Soccer (Men's) Greg Lanman lanman.greg@cusd80.com
Soccer (Women's) Jason Hammonds hammonds.jason@cusd80.com
Softball Jessica Parra-Bonilla coachjessica480@gmail.com
Strength Trainer Rob Brokaw brokaw.robert@cusd80.com
Swim Leo Hass leonardhass22@gmail.com
Tennis (Men's) Todd Daniels daniels.todd@cusd80.com
Tennis (Women's) Angelo Pugnetti pugnetti.angelo@cusd80.com
Track & Field (Men's) Stacey Fentress fentress.stacey@cusd80.com
Track & Field (Women's) Stacey Fentress fentress.stacey@cusd80.com
Unified Sports Beth Wais wais.elizabeth@cusd80.com
Volleyball (Men's) Ryan Meyn meyn.ryan@cusd80.com
Volleyball (Women's) Cory Chandler casteelgirlsvball@gmail.com
Volleyball Beach Anthony Mezzavilla mezzavilla.anthony@cusd80.com
Wrestling (Men's)
Wrestling (Women's) Mikey Ramos ramoswrestling78@gmail.com