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Position: Chemistry Instructor
Room: J216
Phone: (480) 424-8336
Email: Drivinghawk

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I am a product of the Chandler School District; I attended Hamilton High School. Before I became a teacher, I had 7 years experience as a pharmacy technician at a retail pharmacy. I have a wonderful family, including my husband and 1 dog (Labrador retriever). We had our first child at the end of December 2011. His name is Bryson and he is such a wonderful blessing to our family.

My Education and Professional Background

Bachelor's of Arts in Chemistry (2008) and Master's in Education focusing in Math and Science Teaching (2011)

My Educational Philosophy

I want to inspire students to do their best in everything they do, not just academics. My job is to teach you chemistry, and become a functioning member of the adult world eventually. I want to teach you skills you will use beyond the classroom including critical thinking, and applying knowledge to novel situations. I also want to inspire you to consider an education in a STEM field, as the industry is in great need of young, educated minds in these fields.

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