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Position: English 11 and 12
Room: J106
Phone: (480)424-8306
Email: Buffington

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I am delighted to be your child's English teacher this year. Through literature, writing and discussions, our learning will be rich with self-discovery and possibilities for the future.

My Education and Professional Background

BA in English from Concordia University in Irvine, California; MA in Bilingual Education from Northern Arizona University; endorsements in Reading Specialist and Gifted Education.

My Educational Philosophy

The heart of every classroom is the student, thus my classroom is learner-centered. This means when you walk in you will hear students collaborating on an article, grappling over a poem or asking each other questions in a whole group discussion. In order to create an environment like this, it is imperative that I meet the students where they are. The students will be recognized for their strengths, and they will feel that sense of empowerment which leads them to take risks and make mistakes in order to move forward to meet their own goals, as well as the goals of the class.

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