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Position: US/AZ History Teacher
Room: J101
Phone: (480) 424-8100
Email: Mitchell

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I'm delighted to be a part of Casteel High School and working in the prestigious CUSD. In addition to teaching I also coach Men's and Girls Soccer here at school. I am honored to be married and a proud father of five children.

My Education and Professional Background

I previously worked internationally as a nurse in the field of Acute Mental Health. My educational journey includes the completion of a Master of Education and Arizona Certification in Secondary Education through Arizona State University. I also have highly qualified teacher status for Social Science and History at both middle and high school levels.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe that students can become mini historians and not just hearers of history. Each teaching day aims to be purposeful, professional, and personable as students experience energy, enthusiasm, and empathy in the classroom. I seek to facilitate a collaborative approach with all students to foster participation. This adds connectivity and confidence and fulfills my altruistic commitment to the students. For students to become functioning members of society and to successfully navigate their way in life, I feel it important to reassure them that staying close to custom, history, and experience will see them through. If I can associate effort with success and historical accuracy with optimism, then my dual roles as a teacher and a mentor are on the right path.

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