• About us:

    In the 2018-19 season twelve freshman participated, finishing with a record of 8-4. Only two of those players had ever held a racquet, but now 75% of them play Varsity or JV tennis. Our motto last season that, “We might not be the best tennis players, but we will be the best athletes” truly embodies our program’s fundamental values of character, positive thinking and hard work. As a result, Casteel Boys Tennis has built a reputation of gentlemen, a mindset of constant improvement and a culture of winning.

    Season information:

    The Freshman season will begin with a mandatory preseason meeting on Friday, August 9th from 230p to 3p in room A15. Practices will begin the following Monday, August 12th from 230p to 430p. Practices will be held Monday through Thursday, Friday being reserved for character meetings from 230p to 3p. A copy of scheduled matches is availabe online via AZPreps365


    1. Academics: Grades come before athletics. Students may be required to leave class early due to matches and it is their responsibility to keep up with missing work. Anyone scoring below a “C” in any class will be required to attend tutoring sessions and may be restricted from participating in matches until grades reflect the standards of the tennis program.

    2. Communication: Sign up for the Freshman tennis remind by texting "@freshten" to "81010". Updates will be sent out on a daily/weekly basis regarding meetings, match times, etc.  It is the athlete's responsibility to keep in the loop when information is disseminated by the coach as well as contacting coaches before missing practices or matches. 

    3. Respect: All players will give it their all, compete, strive to win, and come with a good attitude each and every day. Keep your head up and dedicate yourself. Character is everything. Treat your teammates and opponents with respect.  

    4. HYDRATE!