• Casteel P.E. Uniforms

    Any P.E. Uniforms that were pre ordered should be delivered around the 3rd week of August.

    Your students' teachers will bring them down as a class with their money to pay and pick up their uniforms.


    If you have NOT reserved a P.E. uniform and still need to purchase one, we have some extras in the Bookstore for sale. 

    A uniform is required for all P.E. courses; a gray shirt with navy bottoms is the required uniform. 


    Gray T Shirt- $10

    Ladies Gray Tank- $10

    Navy Shorts- $10

    Sweatshirt (navy) - $25

    Sweatpants (navy) - $20


    All items that were reserved online will be available for pick up once items arrive in late August.

    The coaches will bring down the students to pay and pick up their reserved items.  Additional items are available for purchase in the bookstore.