• Career and Technical Education Staff List

    (Alphabetical by last name)
    Name Position Email
      Early Childhood 1 & 2  capriotti.michelle@cusd80.com
      AP CS Principles, AP CSA - Java, CS Discoveries  edwards.arnold@cusd80.com
      Culinary 1  faria.chad@cusd80.com
      D3 / Graphic Design & C21 / LCC  goodwin.andrea@cusd80.com
      CTE Department Chair, Design thinking, IED  grace.sylvia@cusd80.com
      Culinary  jensen.melissa@cusd80.com
      Marketing 1 & 2 / 9-12th grade; Life Careers and Connections / 7th grade  kavan.mary@cusd80.com
      7/8 Project Lead The Way / Digital Electronics  keith.paul@cusd80.com
      Multimedia, Graphic Design, and Photography  lemond.jon@cusd80.com
      Technical Theatre  pieza.jack@cusd80.com