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Name Position Email
Bachner, Justine Honors Pre-Calculus, Pre-Calculus and Algebra 2 bachner.justine@cusd80.com
Bobko, Taryn Algebra 1, Geometry bobko.taryn@cusd80.com
Chase, Tyler Geometry, Algebra 2 chase.tyler@cusd80.com
Del Rio, Nydia Algebra 2 & Honors Algebra 2 delrio.nydia@cusd80.com
Foster, Cassandra Math 7 foster.cassandra@cusd80.com
Gale, Candace Algebra 2, College Algebra gale.candace@cusd80.com
Hastings, Doyle Math 7 hastings.doyle@cusd80.com
Hernandez, Janine Pre-Algebra hernandez.janine@cusd80.com
Jones, Ambur College Algebra & Geometry jones.ambur@cusd80.com
Kalscheur, Jim Pre-Algebra, Honors Pre-Algebra kalscheur.jim@cusd80.com
Knutsen, Angie Algebra 1 and Geometry knutsen.angie@cusd80.com
Krob, John Algebra 1 and Geometry krob.john@cusd80.com
Minogue, Shaun Math minogue.shaun@cusd80.com
Moreno, Tamsen Algebra 1, Algebra 2 moreno.tamsen@cusd80.com
O'Roark, Jacelyn Geometry & Honors Algebra 2 oroark.jacelyn@cusd80.com
Powers, Kelly Honors Pre-Algebra powers.kelly@cusd80.com
Storm, Delaney Honors Pre Algebra and Honors Algebra 1 storm.delaney@cusd80.com
Strazz, Emma Geometry, Algebra 2 strazz.emma@cusd80.com
Swartz, Michelle Geometry & Honors Geometry, Department Chair swartz.michelle@cusd80.com
Thornton, Abigail Pre Calc, AP Calc AB, AP Calc BC thornton.abigail@cusd80.com
Wilt, Jordan Intro to Statistics, AP Statistics wilt.jordan@cusd80.com