• Physical Education Department Staff List

    (Alphabetical by last name)
    Name Position Email
      Softball Academy, 9th/10th Biology  blakesley.jordan@cusd80.com
      7/8 PE, Weight Trng., Lift Lab  callison.robert@cusd80.com
      Junior High PE & Comprehensive Health  huston.brett@cusd80.com
      Health/Physical Education/Unified PE  krohmer.elizabeth@cusd80.com
      Soccer Academy/Weight Training  lanman.greg@cusd80.com
      Volleyball and Golf Academy  meyn.ryan@cusd80.com
      Football Academy  newcombe.robert@cusd80.com
      Health  ross.randy@cusd80.com
      9th-12th Grade Dance and Pom  whalen.rylee@cusd80.com
      Athletes' Performance Academy  whitacre.brian@cusd80.com
      Basketball Academy  windler.aaron@cusd80.com