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Position: Pre-Calculus and Financial Algebra
Room: J206
Phone: (480)424-8326
Email: Lowery

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Welcome! I am really excited and glad you're here! My goal is to make a difference in someones life each and everyday! My promise is to do everything I can to make you successful!

My Education and Professional Background

I have a B.S. in Supervisory Management from Purdue University. This will be my 12th year in the Chandler District teaching high school math. Total experience now totals 19 years. I spent 10 years at Perry High School teaching Honors Alg 2 and Honors Geometry prior to last year where I taught at Hamilton High School. While at Hamilton I taught Honors Algebra 2 and Honors Pre-Calculus. This year I am excited to teach Pre-Calculus as well as Financial Algebra.

My Educational Philosophy

My goal as a teacher is to bring mathematics to life with application and passion so students can see the real world application of mathematics. I have high standards for my students to do their very best at all times. I strive and push students to give me their best effort and to not only learn the math, but also learn to be productive young adults that show passion and energy towards life.

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