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Position: Junior High PE & Health, Men's Golf Coach
Room: PE Office
Phone: (480) 424-8353
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My Education and Professional Background

Brett Huston earned his BSBA from the University of Arizona in 1998 and his Master's in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University in 2001. He has worked in education since 2000. He’s served a multitude of positions: Dean of Students, Instructional Coach / Department Chair, Transition Coordinator, General Education English Teacher, General Education Math Teacher, Resource English Teacher, Resource Social Studies Teacher, and Resource Math Teacher. He’s worked at the Junior High and High School level. He's served on the Special Education English Curriculum Adoption Committee in Gilbert as well as 160-plus hours of professional development workshops.

My Educational Philosophy

Mr. Huston's educational philosophy centers around the central question, Is this in the best interest of the student? Mr. Huston believes this question should drive all educational decisions for any teacher or organization. -

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