• English Department Staff List

    (Alphabetical by last name)
    Name Position Email
      Advanced Placement Literature and Composition  carr.phyllis@cusd80.com
      AP English Language/Composition and English 12  chumley.joshua@cusd80.com
      English 10/11  chung.beumho@cusd80.com
      7th Grade English  cordova.jamie@cusd80.com
      English 9 (On-Level & Honors)  crandell.britnie@cusd80.com
      English 11  fallon.savanna@cusd80.com
      English 10  frechette.sarah@cusd80.com
      English 11 & 12  heinle.danielle@cusd80.com
      8th Grade ELA, Honors 9th ELA  hepp.joshua@cusd80.com
      7th Grade Language Arts  holyoak.krystal@cusd80.com
      English 9/10  Jordan.ricky@cusd80.com
      English 10  kerby.taylor@cusd80.com
      Junior English - American Literature  martinez.jennifer@cusd80.com
      Honors Language Arts 8  olson.jennifer@cusd80.com
      Language Arts 7/8  owsley.kristi@cusd80.com
      Honors ELA 9, Creative Writing  patt.kayla@cusd80.com
      8th Grade ELA  pisano.kim@cusd80.com
      7th Language Arts  ramirez.maryjoyce@cusd80.com
      AP English language and composition/11th grade Dual enrollment Honors science and technical writing/12th grade  richard.terrence@cusd80.com
      English 8 (On-Level & Honors)  schmella.kristin@cusd80.com
      English 10 / Journalism  smith.savanna@cusd80.com
      English  snesko.chelsea@cusd80.com
      Language Arts 7/8  steele.amy@cusd80.com
      English 10  Stermer.jared@cusd80.com
      Department Chair, Honors Language Arts 8  swaninger.jill@cusd80.com
      English 9  thomson.alexis@cusd80.com