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Position: Integrated Science 7, Principles of Biomedical Science
Room: Lab 10
Phone: (480)424-8261
Email: Tung

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Welcome to Mr. Q's homepage! I'm happy that you guys are interested in who's teaching your kids! I hope that we'll communicate more often than not!

My Education and Professional Background

BS in Molecular Cellular Biology @ University of Arizona, M Ed @ Arizona State University Taught over 7 years

My Educational Philosophy

Curiosity and inquisition are a natural part of a person's innate traits. Regardless of the degree of these traits, or whatever other factors, I seek to bring keep these glowing and burning strongly with all my students and to help enable them as lifelong learners. My job is ultimately to be conducive in the students' search for knowledge and expansion of their skills and talents. It is my hopes that I will be able to bring out their strengths through achievements and awards in competitions.

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