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Position: American Sign Language
Room: A4
Phone: (480) 424-8134
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Welcome to ASL 1/2! In American Sign Language you will learn how to communicate with members of the Deaf community and you will learn about their rich culture.

My Education and Professional Background

I first began learning sign language as a high school student myself. I enjoyed the classes so much, I continued taking ASL classes in college for the sheer fun of it. I did not originally intend to major in Deaf Studies, but I soon fell in love with the language and I decided to switch majors and join the interpreting program at the University of Arizona. In May 2017, I graduated from the interpreting program and got my first job as an educational interpreter. I spent two years interpreting for Deaf children. After this time spent in the classroom, I decided to branch out and become a teacher. This is my first year teaching and I hope we will all learn something together!

My Educational Philosophy

As a teacher, I want to show love and genuine care for my students. I want to foster emotional and cultural learning above anything else. If you leave my class with a deeper and more genuine understanding of Deaf culture, I will feel I have done my part as an educator.

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