World Language Department

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  • Gain a competitive advantage in college, career and life!

    Whether your future plans are employment in the job market, enlistment in a branch of military service, enrollment in college, or other entrepreneurial pursuits, learning to speak a second language will help distinguish you from your peers and equip you with a highly desirable and lifelong skill. Studying and speaking a second language has many benefits, such as: greater employment opportunities, higher salaries, enlistment bonuses, college credits, expanded cultural knowledge and understanding, improved communicative skills, better test scores, and an ability to navigate and participate in the global community and economy.

    At Casteel we offer language courses in French, German, American Sign Language (ASL) and Spanish.  Many students are able to take advantage of our more advanced course offerings and can even earn considerable college credit before graduating high school, either through the Dual Enrollment program or by AP examination.  Given our school’s unique 7th-12th grade model, students may begin taking language courses in their 8th grade year and move directly onto the next course in the sequence the following academic year.  Additionally, Arizona has recently joined a host of other states to grant the Seal of Biliteracy on the high school diploma of qualifying students upon graduation. The Seal of Biliteracy is an official recognition by the State of Arizona awarded to those students that have proven proficiency in a secondary language, in addition to English.

    Please use the links below to explore our teacher websites.  Use the links on the left of the screen to find out more about course offerings, Dual Enrollment, AP courses, the Seal of Biliteracy and other opportunities for language students.

Name Position Email Homepage
Dobson, Lisa ASL 1 & 4
Engelbrecht, Jexson Spanish 2, 3H, 4AP; Department Chair
McNamara, Bonnie French
Pfriem, Carmen Spanish 1 & 2
Wolfe, David German
Zink, Kathi Spanish 1 & 2