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Position: Digital Media, Digital Photo 1, Digital Photo 2 and Graphic Design 2
Room: A35
Phone: (480)424-8165
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Hello!! I have been teaching since 2006 and have taught many topics. Including World History, AP World History, Anthropology, Yearbook, Graphic Design, Digital Photo, and Digital Media. I started teaching in Casteel in 2018-2019 school year.

My Education and Professional Background

I enjoy school and learning. I graduated in 1997 with an Associates of Arts in Computer Animation from the Art Institute of Phoenix. Then I went back to school and this time I chose ASU and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Education with an emphasis in History in 2005. Then I couldn't stop learning! I finished my Master of Arts in Instructional Design and Curriculum in 2013. I enjoy the process of learning and teaching

My Educational Philosophy

Anyone can learn to become a Graphic Designer with the right mindset.

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