Students are permitted to park on school premises as a matter of privilege, not of right, and may have that privilege revoked at any time. Before applying for a parking permit, all outstanding student fees must be paid.


    •  LOSS OF PARKING PRIVILEGES MAY INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO, THE FOLLOWING: Leaving campus without approval, reckless driving, transporting alcohol, illegal substances, dangerous weapons, failure to drive courteously, failure to provide adequate seating for passengers, failure to respond to school authorities, and transporting students who are not permitted to leave campus.
    • If students are leaving campus before 2:25 p.m., they will only be able to leave from the east exit. Students will have to show security their school ID and a pass that excuses them from school early.

     Suspension of parking privileges, booting of vehicles and/or suspension from school may occur when violations of parking/driving regulations occur.

    •  Students must have their parking permits displayed at all times or be subject to vehicle “booting.” Parking hangers must be displayed on the rear view mirror. Park at your own risk. Casteel High School is not responsible for vehicular damage, theft, loss of property or expenses/damages from “booting.”


    • All student vehicles are required to have a permit.
    • Parking permits are not transferable. They must be used solely by the applicant. They cannot be sold or given to another student. Parking permits must be turned in if they are no longer desired. Each application must be completed accurately and fully. False or incomplete applications will be denied or canceled with termination of parking privileges.
    •   A copy of the student’s driver’s license (not a permit) and current car insurance must be submitted with the application. They will be photo copied and kept on file.


    • The parking fee for the year is $80.00. This must be paid in advance. CASH, Credit Card or Checks (made payable to Casteel High School) are accepted.
    •  Students who transfer to another school during the year will receive a prorated refund. Students who forfeit their parking privileges or are withdrawn from school due to infractions of school rules will not receive a refund.
    • Current School Year Parking Packet Application
    • Hard Copy of Valid Driver's License
    • Hard Copy of Valid Insurance Card