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    Team/Department: English

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     Joy Robbins

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    It has been the honor and pleasure of my life to serve in educating more than two decades of students from nearly every age group.

    My Education and Professional Background

    Between 7th grade English and 300-level university tech writing, from honors or remedial, I have helped students reach their potential in writing, research, literature study, and critical thinking for more than 20 years. Most frequently, I have had the privilege of teaching English 101 and English 102 for dual-enrollment credit, partnering with Chandler-Gilbert Community College to help prepare students for the rigors of college writing by helping them gain the skills and confidence to tackle any writing that might come their way as they gain higher academic achievement. While the older students' growth and progress towards college readiness are immensely gratifying, I've also enjoyed my time with younger grades, especially my 8th graders, whose love for learning and willingness to share their passions make most days fun and productive.

    My Educational Philosophy

    I love teaching students how to read more deeply into a text to understand implicit and explicit meanings, and to see the creative artistry in non-fiction and fiction texts. The progress I get to foster in their writing and literacy over the course of nine months is deeply gratifying, as one can truly see how their progress in that time - compounded over their remaining years of education - can significantly improve students' post-high school trajectory. Students learn best in an environment of trust and compassion, and that is what I aim to provide for them every day through my planning, through engaging assignments and projects, and through the inclusion of choice-based assignments. My philosophy most closely aligns with that of Paulo Freire in my belief that students and teachers should both be active participants in the learning experience, a belief which in practice leads to greater student empowerment and ownership of learning.