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Position: Professor of Creative Writing & Film Studies I & II Instructor
Room: Lab A1
Phone: (480) 424-8185
Email: Martino

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Welcome to Creative Writing and Film Studies I & II! In these courses, students will engage with diverse texts, authors, films, and creators to expand their literary and worldly foundations. Together, we will develop our creative abilities and learn to be better readers, writers, and human beings.

My Education and Professional Background

  • Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Northern Arizona University
  • Certification in Secondary and Post-Secondary Education from the Arizona Department of Education
  • Subject Matter Expert Standard Teaching Certification
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Creative Writing from Northern Arizona University
  • Bachelor of Science in Women's and Gender Studies from Northern Arizona University
  • CILS 4 Certification in Italian Language and Literature from Universtà degli Studi di Siena
  • Various online and in-print publications, including poetry, short fiction, and scientific and academic research
  • Professor of Rhetoric & Composition, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, and Fiction at Northern Arizona University from 2018–2020

    My Educational Philosophy

    One of my primary goals as an educator is to facilitate a safe learning environment for every student in my classroom—for this reason, civility and inclusiveness of speech will be observed at all times. It costs nothing to be kind. I also believe in cultivating a space for students to grow and make mistakes, both as writers and as human beings. Academia can be a difficult and often unforgiving field, so I work to equip my students with the necessary skills and qualities to overcome hardships, meet challenges head-on, and to be the best version of themselves in and beyond the classroom.

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