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    Science Department Staff List

    (Alphabetical by last name)
    Name Position Email
      7th Accelerated Science  baker.geneva@cusd80.com
      9th/10th Biology & Softball Academy  blakesley.jordan@cusd80.com
      8th Grade Science & 8th Grade Accelerated Science  canton.corianne@cusd80.com
      Honors Chemistry / Chemistry  clark.cauley@cusd80.com
      Biology  clark.kaitlyn@cusd80.com
      AP Environmental Science / 11 and Investigative Science / 9  culver.cathy@cusd80.com
      Chemistry  drivinghawk.kathryn@cusd80.com
      Integrated Science 7  flowers.jacqueline@cusd80.com
      8th Grade Integrated Science, 8th Grade Honors Investigative  Flyte.robin@cusd80.com
      Chemistry & IS 9  godoy.christian@cusd80.com
      AP Chemistry  grace.sylvia@cusd80.com
      Biology/Honors Biology  jimenez.deanna@cusd80.com
      8th Grade Honors Investigative Science & 8th Grade Integrated Science  kalscheur.penny@cusd80.com
      Chemistry and Honors Chemistry  kaplan.kendra@cusd80.com
      9th Investigative Sciences & 10th Biology  kaufmann.stephanie@cusd80.com
      Biology and Physics  kohler.chaylee@cusd80.com
      Biology, Honors Biology  merino.briana@cusd80.com
      8th Grade Integrated Science  skierkowski.jamie@cusd80.com
      Investigative Science 8 and Science 9  solarz.sharmet@cusd80.com
      Integrated Science 7  tung.qadri@cusd80.com
      7th Accelerated Science  wasson.anne@cusd80.com
      IS Science 8  Wilson.sheila@cusd80.com
      Department Chair, Honors Biology and AP Biology  Yard.jentry@cusd80.com