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    Position: Physics Teacher (Dark side of the Force)

    Team/Department: Science

    Room: C22

    Phone: 480-424-8252

    Email: Mr. Benjamin Wilson

    Mr. Benjamin Wilson

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    Welcome to Physics! My name is Benjamin Wilson and I am thrilled that you decided (or were forced) to take my class! My class is NOT a science class, a math class, or a philosophy class... it is all of those combined. We will learn classical physics and the elegant equations that can be used all the way to the sci-fi physics that we dream about. All that I need you to do is have an open mind, and be ready to change your perspective on ideas.

    My Education and Professional Background

    Mr. Wilson is a Graduate from:  

    THE Ohio State University

    Ohio State

    Professor Darth Vader's School of the Dark Side of the ForceVader

    My Educational Philosophy

    Its time to apply the concepts you have been taught...