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    Biology Course Description (Casteel)

    Biology is the first of the high school science triad (biology, chemistry, physics). Biology examines the importance of life and the whats and the hows associated with it. From organic molecules to diversity to genetics to cells, students will learn how life on Earth can exist and how it survives in its environments. 


    About the Teacher


    Mr. Q invites you to learn to improve your skills and embark on the journey to become a better you! 


    Period 1/2

    Period 3/4

    Period 5/6

    7:35am-7:45am Warm-Up

    9:37am-9:47am Warm-Up

    12:27pm-12:37pm Warm-Up

    7:45am-8:10am Asynchronous Lesson 

    9:47am-10:12am Asynchronous Lesson 

    12:37pm-1:02pm Asynchronous Lesson 

    8:10am-8:45am Lesson Activity

    10:12am-10:47am Lesson Activity

    1:02pm-1:37pm Lesson Activity

    8:45am-9:15am Synchronous Lesson

    10:47am-11:17am Synchronous Lesson

    1:37pm-2:07pm Synchronous Lesson

    9:15am-9:32am Office Hours

    11:17am-11:52am Office Hours

    2:07pm-2:25pm Office Hours

    Schedule and Assignments

    Classes will be updated and assignments will be posted on the Google classroom assigned.