Honors Spanish 3

  • The level III Spanish course provides additional opportunities for students to expand their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills as they create with the language.  Students participate in person-to-person communication on familiar topics. In addition, they identify main ideas and some details in discussions, presentations, and written texts within a cultural context, read and interpret authentic materials, narrate in present, past, and future time, and compose formal and informal messages. Students continue to expand their knowledge and understanding of the target language and culture(s) by examining the interrelationship of other cultures to their own by demonstrating behaviors appropriate in target cultures, and by applying their knowledge and skills inside and outside of the classroom setting. 

    Spanish 3 is also offered as a Dual Enrollment Course through Chandler-Gilbert Community College giving students the opportunity to earn (8) college credits for Spanish 101 and Spanish 102.  Dual Enrollment is an excellent opportunity for students to earn college credit while still in high school.  Dual Enrollment is not a requirement for taking this class, but the course will meet college standards.