• Hello Sports Medicine 1!

    Sports Medicine is a two year program designed to introduce you to the various knowledge that medical professionals who work with athletes need to know and understand. In year one we will be studying about these different professions as well as focusing on mainly what an athletic trainer’s duties are. In this class you will have an introduction to human anatomy, injuries, injury prevention, CPR/first aid, injury management as well as some other basic medical professional backgrounds. This class is considered a Career and Technical Education Course (CTE) and has a student run organization (CTSO) associated with it.


    Where do I find class assignments and announcements?

    All class assignments will be on Google Classroom.


    Google Classroom Meet Times:

    Period 1- Odd Days at 7:45am

    Period 2- Even Days at 7:45am

    Period 4- Even Days at 9:45am

    Period 6- Even Days at 12:45pm


    Office Hours
    2:30- 3:00 pm


    (480) 424-8291


    -Mrs. Halstead