• How to get a hold of me:


    During the week I try to make myself as assessible as possible to both students and parents.  Here are some scheduled times where I can be reached.  If these times are not convienent for you, we can schedule a time that is not listed.


    • Class times (for students):

      1st/2nd 8:45-9:15 (live)/9:15-9:30 (available for questions)

      3rd/4th 10:47-11:17 (live)/10:30-11:30 (available for questions)

      5th/6th 1:37-2:07 (live)/1:30-2:30 (available for questions)


      Office Hours (for students or parents)

      6:45am- 7:25am & 2:30-3:30


      How to Reach me (students or parents)

      Email (generally the quickest response time and connected to my personal phone for outside school time response):



      Phone (rings to voicemail during school hours)

      (480) 424-8248colt logo