Auditions for 2019-2020 Chorale will be held between 2:30-5:00 May 14th.  Sign up for a time on the choir door.  Students currently in a choir class can audition during class May 13-15.  Chorale list will be posted Wednesday May 15th after school on instragram and on the door.
    Auditions for 2019-2020 Encore Jazz Choir will be Thursday, May 16th at 2:30PM.  Audition packets can be found on the choir bulletin board starting May 3.  Students must be in 2019-2020 Chorale to audition.  Encore list will be posted on instagram and the choir door after school Friday.
    Audtions for 2019-2020 Dolce (Advanced Women's choir) and Triple Threat (JH advanced) will be on an appointment basis and in class.

    We have many choir classes at Casteel:

    JH Intermediate Girls Choir ("Angels of Music") *non-auditioned
    JH Advanced Mixed Choir ("Triple Threat") *Requires an audition or teacher rec for girls only. Boys may sign up without an audition.
    HS Intermediate Mixed Choir ("Forte") *non-auditioned
    HS Advanced Women's Choir ("Dolce") *Requires an audition
    HS Concert Choir ("Chorale")*Requires an audition
    HS Chamber/Jazz Choir ("Encore") *Requires an audition and enrollment in Chorale. Meets 0 hour. 
    Additionally we have a men's choir club on campus:
    7-12 Men's choir ("Men of 'Steel") meets during conference on Thursdays. See Mrs. Clausen for a pass.
    *If you would like to set up a time to audition for Mrs. Clausen, please email clausen.camilyn@cusd80.com.
     Riggs Field Trip
    Soloists and duets/trios are needed to perform the Star Spangled Banner at home sporting events.  If interested, even if you're not in choir, please see Mrs. Clausen or email clausen.camilyn@cusd80.com