• Parent Pick Up

    Good Afternoon Casteel Families, 

    Because your child's safety is our first priority, we feel it is important to send this note addressing the issue of the parent drop off and pick up areas of the school.  

    Attached you will find a map of our parking lot with the approved drop off and pick up locations for your student .  Students are NEVER to be dropped off or picked up in the parking lot between rows of parked cars.  This practice could cause someone's child to be seriously injured.

     Most students attending Casteel High School have access to bus services.  If you do not have time to drop your student off in the morning or pick your student up in the afternoon following the prescribed procedures, please be sure to have your student take the bus.  Utilizing bus transportation will ensure the safety of both your student and other students on our campus as well as enable you to keep to your schedule.

    We ask that all parents and carpool drivers please adhere to the prescribed pick-up and drop-off locations and follow the route as directed on the map.  This will help ensure the safety of all students and staff members.  

    Thank you for your cooperation, 

    Jayson Phillips, Principal