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Flinn Scholarship
Flinn Scholarship
One of the Top Merit Scholarships in the Nation
Application Opens in August.

This year, 20 of Arizona’s highest-achieving students will become Flinn Scholars, receiving an unparalleled package for undergraduate study:

  • Free tuition and room and board.
  • Funding for study abroad.
  • Mentorship from brilliant faculty and exposure to world leaders.
  • Fellowship in an extraordinary community of current and alumni Scholars.
The program, in partnership with Arizona’s three state universities, provides enriched educational offerings that expand Scholars’ life and career options and create the kind of stimulating, intellectually challenging environment that students might find at the nation’s most selective colleges.

Total dollar value, including the cash value of tuition provided by the universities, exceeds $100,000. We believe, though, that the non-monetary benefits of becoming a Flinn Scholar are much, much more valuable.