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    Have you ever wondered how to calculate your “Core” GPA?
    Your core GPA is comprised of the grade points associated with your core classes. Your core classes are those that transfer to our universities. Here is an example of the core classes our in-state universities will accept:
    • English (8 semesters)
    • Math (8 semesters)
    • Social Studies (4 semesters – pick your 4 highest semester grades)
    • Lab Sciences (6 semesters – pick your 6 highest semester grades)
    • World Languages (4 semesters – pick your 4 highest semester grades)
    • Fine Art (2 semesters – pick your 2 highest semester grades)
    Note: Once you have identified your core classes, populate this excel spreadsheet with the number of semester grades associated with classes. Your core GPA (both weighted and unweighted will appear in the bottom right corner of the worksheet. You only need to enter the number of semester grades earned...the spreadsheet will do the rest for you. (Example - if received 6 A's then enter 6 in the "# of semester grades" column.)  Please note, that if you earned a D in a weighted/honors class, it does not get a weighted grade. It should be entered in the unweighted column.  
    Note: Once you have entered the number, You must "tab" out of the column in order for the field to calculate.

    Calculator.net also has an online GPA Calculator and can accept up to 60 courses in its calculations. Please visit website for more information.