The culinary classrooms are kitchens where students will learn, as well as prepare and consume food. The kitchens are inspected by the county health inspector to assure that all food safety and sanitation practices are being followed. For this reason, it is important that each and every student has a food handler's card.


    Students will be taking the food safety class and exam online at home and on their own. The cost is $10.00 and and the website can be accessed using the following link



    Students will need to enter a debit card or credit card for payment and then the tutorial will begin. The pace of the test is up to the student-You may do a little each day or all at one time. The test is approximately 2 hours in length.Be sre to remember your username and password in case you need to replace your card in the future!

    Once a student has passed the test, they will need to bring their passing certificate/card to school for me to make a copy. I am required to show proof that each and every student cooking in the kitchens has a food safety certificate/card from Maricopa County.

    The deadline is August 9th. After this date, students will not be able to participate in labs and will have to do alternative assignments

    Should there be a circumstance that does not allow a student to use a computer at home, please email or call me and arrangements can be made.


     When you have completed your food handlers card, Click Here  and complete the online form.


Last Modified on March 25, 2020