•         AP Environmental Science          

Test date: Friday, May 14th, 2021 @ 12 pm
  • Remind: text 81010 (consult parents before signing up) message @CCHSAPES1

    Instructor: Cathy Culver Phone: 480/424-8239earth

    Room: J209 E-mail: culver.cathy@cusd80.com

    Office Hours: Conference Period: Wed/Thurs             

                            Tues/Thurs 2:30-3:30PM & By Appointment

    Welcome to AP Environmental Science. You have enrolled in a yearlong course equivalent to a 1st year college Environmental class. APES should NOT be considered “college prep.” This is a COLLEGE course, with college-level expectations for behavior, attendance, participation, and effort. Since this course covers a substantial amount of material, you will be expected to complete many lab, reading assignments, data investigations, and video notes outside of class and actively apply your independent understanding and analytical skills to classroom discussion and laboratory activities. As I’m sure you’ve heard, AP science classes are tough and those who are prone to procrastination will struggle. As an AP science student, you must be committed to a year of intensive study and will be expected to take the AP exam in May. APES will follow very closely the curriculum recommended by the College Board. 

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    We will be using Google Classroom this year at Casteel High School.  Go to www.classroom.google.com.  Please log into Google Classroom using your school account (sID#@gse.cusd80.com).   Your initial password will be s + ID# + !  You will join my classroom during the beginning of the year. From there you will be able to access PowerPoints and assignments. There is also an app for Google Classroom which makes keeping up with the class easier to manage!

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