• Google Classroom

    Google Classroom will be used this year by this teacher for any possible missing assignments, notes, and work. Each student has a GSE (Google Suites for Education account with an associated email)

     Google Classroom Guide

    Students will get a class code and access instructions from their teacher. 

    Students can also download the Google Classroom app (iphone).  Android users will need an additional app before they can download the Google Classroom app, called Google Apps Device Policy.  Once they download this app, and login with their GSE account, it will create a work profile on their phone.  This prohibits the district from accesssing their personal information on their phones.  They will need to look for the Google Play app that has a briefcase on the bottom.  For Samsung users, it is located in their Workspace.  From there, they can download Google Classroom.  Some Android devices will have a separate tab for work or personal apps.

     Video introduction

    Contact information

    Text @coltsecon to 81010 to join the remind (best way to contact!)

    Text (through remind) is preferred contact method since I have 3 emails and a couple apps that message me, it is the quickest and easiest to get a timely response. My daniels.todd@cusd80.com is the best for longer communication and I can always give you a call if you email me to set up a time.


    My office hours will be Monday and Tuesday from 12:00-12:30 and by appt as necessary (feel free to contact me I am very flexible!)

    Google MEET Schedule:

    The following times are when I will be available to meet with you during each class period.  Please note that if you cannot attend a Google Meets session, but wish to check in during another class period, you need to text me so that I can make sure you get an invitation to the other class period. 

    ZERO HOUR: 5:00

    1/2 Block - 9:00

    3/4 Block - 11:22

    5/6 Block - 1:55

    Link is posted on class stream right before each MEET - if you can't get in, text for access 

    ** Please note that if no one attends the Google Meets session, I will end the session, and you will need to email me to reschedule. 


    Assignments and due dates

    Assignments will all be posted on the classwork stream - What is assigned one block period is due by the next class period or it will be marked late (and given a 20% reduction in earned credit)